How does this work?

We generate a unique referral link for each of your users and maintain the monthly contest leader board.

Each user can see how many shares others made to motivate them share more and compete for the prizes. This drives qualitative organic traffic to your website with the word-of-mouth in action.


Just paste the integration code

Paste the code into your app where you want the contest board to appear.

And the rest is on us

  1. Setup your messages
    Each user gets a unique sharing link

    Specify your landing page url and we'll generate the unique link for each of your users so they can share it. Each new sign up with such link will count towards the user's profile as a monthly point.

  2. Import prospects
    Set up the prizes to motivate your users share more

    Set up your #1 winner monthly prize and top 5 monthly winner prizes. We'll show the prizes to your users so they know why they need to share as much as possible.

  3. Get replies
    Realtime leader board for your users

    Each user will see their monthly points as well as the points of other users in realtime to motivate them get the top prize. For you that means each user shares more spreading the word about your product or service driving qualitative traffic to your website.

Now watch your organic traffic and the revenue growth.